What Bed Bugs Look Like

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Many people wonder what bed bugs look like and how they interact. This page offers bed bugs pictures for customers to identify and determine whether there is an infestation at their residence. Below are several bed bug pictures including the stages of a bed bug through growth, as well as their feeding times and sizes. For info on eradicating bed bugs, click on the following link. Heat Treatment

Life Stages

Growth Stages of Bed Bugs


When clients search for bed bug pictures, many sites can help. A simple search on Google will pull up thousands of websites and pictures of bed bugs. It is important to verify sources and contact Green Heat for more advice if the home is suspected to have bed bugs.


Bed bugs can be different shades of brown, however, as they feed they become darker. In their baby stages, bed bugs tend to be more clear and white. As they feed on human blood, bed bugs change colour and size. Click on the following link for more info on different stages of bed bugs pictures Bed Bugs Stages. The brown-reddish colour is from the blood they consume. Immediately after bed bugs feed on human blood, they may look engorged and fat. As time passes, bed bugs will become flatter and will have a larger back end.


To the naked eye, the typical shape of a bed bug is similar to an apple seed or dark sesame seed. In bed bug pictures, people will identify them through the stages of life. The little pests have a round shape to them, and sometimes look a little longer than an apple seed. Other insects can look similar, such as bat bugs. However, the centre of a bed bug’s body has a black line.


If a client discovers bed bugs at their home, be sure to keep it in a sealed container for proof. It is beneficial to take pictures of bed bugs and/or larvae. Contact Green Heat Bed Bugs Exterminators right away and a technician can do a thorough assessment of the infestation. Customers can also take pictures and email or text them to Green Heat. There are many circumstances that a client assumes they have bed bugs. However, after an in-person inspection, it can be possible that the pest is of a different type. In any case, if an insect is found and is bothersome, keep it inside a container sealed until a professional takes a look at it.