Bed Bug Heat Treatment Pricing

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There are several factors to determine the bed bug treatment price. The price of heat treatment for bed bugs is determined by the location, type of unit, level of infestation, and size of treatment area. We treat residential homes, apartments, condos, and retirement homes. Green Heat is based out of the Burlington-Hamilton area, but services many other locations. Please note, that the price of a bed bug treatment can vary based on where you live, therefore, it is important to contact the Green Heat office for more info.


Level of Infestation

One of the factors that determines the price of a bed bug treatment is the level of infestation. Therefore, the longer the customer waits to eradicate a bed bug infestation, the worse it can become. As the infestation spreads throughout the home, it may require a lot more heat and service to complete the job. So, please call Green Heat as soon as you find signs of bed bugs.

Client Location

Green Heat is based out of the Hamilton area but services throughout the greater Toronto area and more. The location of your home affects the price of the bed bug treatment, so it is important to always determine the location of the home to give the most accurate quote. Click on the following link and scroll down to see the virtual map of service locations. Green Heat Service Areas

Treatment Type

There are two different treatments that Green Heat offers. On this page, we discuss mainly the in-home heat treatments. The other service offered is the Mobile Heat Treatment. This service is of great benefit to clients who are moving and want to treat their belongings before they move into their new home. For more information on the mobile treatment, visit Green Heat’s Mobile Heat Treatment page.

Bed Bug Mobile Trailer

25 foot enclosed

Treatment Area

One-bedroom apartment on the ground level is usually cheaper to treat than a four-bedroom home with three levels. Therefore, the larger the area to service, the longer the heat treatment takes. Contact Green Heat Bed Bugs Exterminators to get more information and pricing.

K9 Dog Inspection

K9 dog inspections for bed bugs are an effective method for detecting bed bugs because professionally trained dogs have a stronger scent and can detect the presence of bed bugs accurately. Check out this article by CBC about k9 bed bug detection dogs and their effectiveness. Accuracy of Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs. By using a canine inspection, homeowners and property managers can quickly and accurately determine bed bug infestations. Bed bugs are hard to locate, therefore a k9 inspection is strongly recommended. Please contact Green Heat for information about a k9 sniffing dog for bed bugs.

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