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We care about your family

Not only is our equipment superior, our staff are courteous, professional and on-time. We are not just another pest control company. We genuinely care about your current Bed Bug situation. We have been through the same issue, and have had bed bugs ourselves. It is the reason we understand your dilemma. Our business is built on core values. These core values were carefully considered and are shared among all of our Green Heat customers. Besides, our natural bed bug treatment is chemical free. Call us today 1-800-955-1890.

Our promise to you

We promise to truly care about you, and your current circumstances. We understand how stressful having Bed Bugs can be, and we will do everything we can to reduce your stress. We promise we will treat you as our most important customer, because every client is our most important client. Yes, we exterminate bed bugs, but more importantly, we care about you as a person. We promise to be the very best in our industry. In today's business climate, it seems like no one cares, but we do care, we promise.

Natural to Chemical Comparison Picture

Natural to Chemical Comparison Picture

We use the best equipment

There are hundreds of pest control companies in Southern Ontario, so your choices seam endless. When we chose to go into business, we selected the absolute best equipment in the industry and have defined the best practices. There are many alternative heat solutions on the market, however none of those alternatives even come close to as effective as The Canadian built Heat Assault. It was the most expensive choice for us to make, but that's because we wanted to be the best! We offer the best bed bug treatment there is on the market today, call us with any questions you may have 1-800-955-1890.

Alternate heating solutions

A few of the other heating options include steam, propane based heating methods and electric heating methods. These are like comparing apples to oranges. Not that we want to put down the other options. We just want you to be aware of the differences. Steam is a very localized solution, and completely ineffective. Propane is dangerous, and only has one concentrated heat source, and the electric system just simply doesn't get hot enough. Even though it may seem like there are a number of natural bed bug treatments on the market, make sure you understand the differences.

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