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Bed Bug Heat Extermination

The question of How to get rid of bed bugs is a hot topic, and our top priority. Heat is now known to be the best way to kill Bed Bugs. Green Heat’s bed bug heat treatment will not only kill live Bed Bugs, but the eggs that will eventually hatch. Chemical spray treatments alone will not eliminate bed bugs and most important, their eggs. Call our Green Heat Treatment experts today at 1-800-955-1890.

Our Heat is the Best in the Industry

We evenly heat your home to 140 Degrees. Bed Bugs die at 122 Degrees. We maintain a temperature of 140 Degrees for up to 8 hours in order to reach into all the cracks and crevices in your home. Our unmarked bed bug heat treatment is safe, highly effective and is offered at a price that you can afford. Our unbeatable rates and guaranteed bed bug pest control system will let you sleep at night!

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Let Us Assess Your Infestation

Our pre-treatment assessment process involves a free-of-charge inspection of your personal situation. Our assessment team is highly skilled at identifying bed bugs and will meet with you at your home to inspect your infested areas. Once we determine that you do have bed bugs and analyze the extent of your bed bug infestation, we will prepare a written quote for the expected cost of the job. You can call us to book an assessment 1-800-955-1890

Bed Bug Dog Detection

Are you finding rashes or bite marks when you wake up in the morning? This may be a sign that you have bed bugs. It is possible you are in the early stages of infestation, and may not be able to see the bed bugs. The fact is, if you see bed bugs you are further into the infestation than you may know. Use our bed bug dog detection service to find out if you have bed bugs before your situation becomes out of control.

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