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A Dog's Nose Knows

Our K9 Detection Team can inspect your home, office or building efficiently with 94% accuracy. If our bed bug dogs do not find bugs, you will know with greater certainty that your location is bed bug free. This offers peace of mind. Our sniffing dogs can target specific areas and locate the source of your infestation, which helps our treament experts know exactly where your bedbug infestation is. Our dogs and handlers are so good they can find a single bed bug! Call us at 1-800-955-1890.

Next Day Service

If you believe you might have bed bugs, but have not been able to physically spot one in your home, this is the time to call us. Usually, we find that if you suspect bed bugs, you want to know immediately if you have them or not. This is the perfect time to call us and book an inspection. In most circumstances, we can have our third party bed bug detection dogs come to your house within 24 hours of your initial phone call. We may even be able to get there the same day.

Video: Ada - Bed Bug Hunters Detection Dog

Bed Bug Dog Detection

How Do They Do It?

A properly trained bug sniffing dog is a highly efficient and obedient animal. Bed Bug Detection Dogs are bred and raised specifically for bed bug sniffing purposes. They are regularly exposed to bed bug pheromones, and are trained in specialized facilities. Our bed bug dogs are trained in a similar fashion as drug sniffing dogs, or bomb sniffing dogs, and are expected to perform in the same professional manner.

After Treatment Inspection

It is also very common and recommended to have our dogs inspect your home after a heat treatment. You need to wait about 7 days after the treatment in order to let the remainder of the bed bug pheromone scent to dissipate. Once you have waited the 7 day period, having the dog come by to inspect your property gives you additional peace of mind. Call us today to book an appointment 1-800-955-1890.

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