Bed bugs Pictures

Bed Bug Pictures

What do bed bugs look like?


Bed bugs are brown

Brown Bed Bug

Bed bugs are brown after they have had at least one blood meal. At first, before they have fed, they are clear, and very hard to spot. However, once they have fed, they are brown. This brown colour is from the blood they have consumed. Immediately after they have fed on human blood, they can look engorged, and fat. As time passes, they are usually flat and have a larger back end, usually quite bigger then their head. The pictures above should help you be able to know exactly what they look like.

The shape of an apple seed

Bed Bug Shape

To the naked eye, the typical shape of a bed bug is similar to an apple seed or dark sesame seed. They have a round shape to them, and can sometimes look a little longer than an apple seed, but this is the basic way to identify bed bugs. There are other insects that do look similar, such as bat bugs. However, usually the center of a bed bug's body has a black line. Before you jump to any conclusions, make sure you compare your bug with the pictures on our website.

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Usually found in your bed

Bed Bugs in Bed

The reason why bed bugs are called bed bugs, is because they are a nocturnal creature. They sleep during the day, and come out at night to feed. They are attracted to your human breathe, and scent. Therefore, they stay close to where we sleep. More often than not, they are found in your bed, but they can be 16 feet away from where you sleep. So, they can be in your head board, in a picture frame above your bed, in a book you are reading or in your end tables.

Keep a live bed bug for us

Keep a Live Bed Bug

If you believe you have found a bed bug, and have looked through our pictures, please give us a call at 1-800-955-1890. We will come out to your location and review your specimen. Or better yet, you could take a picture and send it to us. Call us, and one of our expert pest control technicians will be happy to work with you, and help you identify your bed bug. We have had many circumstances when someone thought they had bed bugs, but once we were done inspecting, it turned out that had another form of pest.


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