Bed bug Bites Pictures

Bed Bug Bites

How to identify a bed bug bite

Bed bug Bites are Itchy

Bed bugs bites are often itchy. A bed bug bites at night, while you are sleeping. Unless you feel it crawling on you, you will not feel the actual bite. Bed bugs inject an anesthetic like substance, so you don't feel the bite. When a mosquito bites, you eventually feel it, but this is not the case with bed bugs.

If you are subject to an allergic reaction of the bed bug bite, then you will see similar results as the bed bug bites pictures on this website. We've seen people covered in welts, and some with small bumpy reactions. No two reactions are usually identical.

Bites are Not Always Visible

One of the most difficult issues to deal with it, you may not react to a bed bug bite. We've seen many cases where the bed is crawling with bed bugs (between the mattress and the box spring, so not easily visible) and yet the customer had no visible signs of bites.

In these cases, the only way they found out they had bed bugs is because they saw the physical bed bug in their bed. If you sleep with someone else, you may not be getting bitten at all. Sometimes, bed bugs prefer one person's blood over the other.

Bed bugs Bite in 3s

A common pattern we've seen is bed bugs will bite in a triangular shape, usually in 3s. It's not always going to be an exact indication. However, if you do have a triangle shaped biting pattern on your body, this is a good indication. It is a good idea to call your Doctor, but make sure to be referred to a dermatologist.

It can take a long time before getting an appointment with a dermatologist specialist, so make sure you call us as well 1-800-955-1890. We will be able to inspect your location, and give you an answer quickly. If your infestation is in early stages, our dog detection service may be your best choice.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

In most all circumstances, if you suspect you have bed bugs, it is never a good idea to just wait it out and see if it gets worse. If in fact you do have bed bugs, and you wait a couple months to see if it gets worse, a huge problem could be developing.

A female bed bug can lay up to 400 eggs, and if you have a couple of females, within a couple short months you could have 100s of adult bugs.

If you have signs of bed bugs such as bites, or fecal matter on your mattress, learn about our Here are some 100% Natural Bed Bug Heat Treatment and call us right away 1-800-955-1890. Your peace of mind is worth it.


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